Alien Egg

Alien Egg Icon
Location Inside a large meteor (Level 5)
  • 30 DNA
  • 100 bones
  • 5000 player score

The Alien Egg is a Super Egg in Dino Run. It is a blue, medium-sized egg with pink dots all over it.


The Alien Egg is found halfway through level 5 in a stationary meteor which is larger than all the others. Jump into the dent in the meteor and inside you will find the Alien Egg. Upon receiving the egg, the player will earn 30 DNA 100 bones and 5000 player score. Note that the egg will only become visible when the player goes inside the meteor.

Unlike the other super eggs, the Alien Egg is seen floating in the center of the meteor.

In addition to being found in Level 5 of the Main Challenge, it can also be found in various speedruns, such as Salty Flats, Up and Down, The Valley, and very rarely, Out to Pasture.


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