Type: Large dino
Speed: None
Ability: None
Mobile? No
Edible? No
Special level: None

Not to be confused with Supersaurus.

The Brachiosaurus is a large dino in Dino Run. They are long-necked dinos that are grey.

There are two places where you can find the Brachiosaurus.

  • The first one is stuck in a small tar pit, but it only covers its toes. Similar to the Diplodocus, they are used as a bridge to cross over the tar pit. A Speed Flower can be seen at the edge of the hill next to the dino, which could help you save time from the Wall of Doom.
  • The second one is found in a larger tar pit, but this one is deep in the pit, showing only the head and a portion of the neck.


  • The Brachiosaurus was a sauropod that lived in North America and Africa during the Jurassic Period. It was considered the biggest dinosaur to ever lived until the discovery of the Supersaurus.
  • There is a rare chance that the Brachiosaurus will appear with dark blue spots and blue overall.


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