Doom Surfing is done by staying close to the Wall of Doom, which can take much practice. Some hints to maintain your surf are:

  • Make sure your Dino is fully upgraded.
  • The best speedrun is Salty Flats on easy mode.
  • Duck to prevent going too fast.
  • If you are almost completely inside the Wall, stop ducking for a while and/or press the shift button.
  • If you have been surfing long enough to get a trophy, but you die while still doom surfing - you will not get the trophy! You have to stop surfing and LEAVE the Wall of Doom first to get your trophy.

Trophies Edit

The player can also earn trophies for Doom Surfing.

  • Bronze: 10 seconds
  • Silver: 30 seconds
  • Gold: 60 seconds

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