Super eggs in the Stats Menu.


Eggs are major items in Dino Run. They are collected upon contact, and come in three main types.

Regular TypesEdit


These are speckled eggs that are found in almost every level and mode. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can be found laying in ground nests, in trees, or rolling along the ground. When a large dinosaur such as a Stegosaurus, Triceratops, or a Parasaurolophus steps on them, they crush them, preventing the player raptor from collecting them. 1 DNA is received for every eight of these eggs collected.


Pterodactyl EggsEdit

These are yellow eggs that are dropped from the sky by by Pterodactyls. They also come in one shape and size. If they come into contact with the ground, they will break, and cannot be collected once broken. This means that you have to catch the airborne eggs in order to get them. Each Pterodactyl egg collected is the equivalent of ten Common Eggs.

Super EggsEdit

Super Eggs each have unique patterns, colors, and are considerably larger than regular eggs. Due to these factors, it's hard to miss one. Their bonuses also vary. They can be viewed from the second part of the stats menu.


Trophies Edit

There is an award trophy for collecting eggs.

  • Bronze: Collect 500 eggs Total (Remember, pterodactyl eggs count as ten each!)
  • Silver: Collect 1000 eggs Total
  • Gold: Collect 5000 eggs Total  ​


In Multiplayer every 10 eggs will give you +1 point. A Pterodactyl egg is equal to 10 eggs and thus will give you +1 point. Super Eggs will give you +2 points for each one. These points will be added to make your total number of points at the end of the race.