Magno Egg

Magno Egg Icon
Location Inside the first volcano of level 6 (or Apocalypse in easy mode)
Rewards: 100 DNA

The Magno Egg is a Super Egg in Dino Run. It is a rich red, medium sized egg with black spots, like cooling magma.


The Magno Egg can be found in the first volcano of Apocalypse in easy mode or level 6 in normal, hard and insane mode. In order to obtain it, you must go to the top of the volcano and jump as far as possible. You should land on the ledge that has the Magno Egg. Upon receiving the egg, the player will earn 100 DNA. Magno egg can be found in level 6 or apocalypse in easy mode.

It can also be found in Twin Peaks and Death Crater speed run maps.


  • The egg is most likely named after the dinosaur Magnosaurus, which is a type of Megalosaur. The lava-oriented colors are not related to anything currently known about this dino, and since "Magno" means "great" in Latin, the colors has no relation to its name.
  • Another possibility for its name is a portmanteau of "magma" and "dino", explaining why the egg is in a volcano.


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