Multi-player mode allows you to race against up to three other people across 20 different maps. If you have an account, which is easy to make, you can earn points and level up, up to level ten, unlocking new hats and levels. Leveling up also allows you to join and create higher level races, which are faster and give more points.

There are three servers that can be joined in multi-player,  Dino CentralStoneyville and Bonedocks, plus a bonus server, Paradise (Server), for people who have bought Dino Run SE from PixelJam. In the DX version, Bonedocks is not in multiplayer. Moderators, or "Mods", patrol the servers to enforce the rules and can be spotted by their distinctive striped names. 





  • Only on Paradise server, you can unlock Surfing Safari Track Race, which is only available lv 8+
  • DerangedCoffee says roleplaying isn't banned, but if it bothers players, it's bad. Just go to another server. But there is a discussion if roleplaying (RPing) is banned or not.
  • Some of the moderators on multiplayer are Arusaur, Piggy7, Dinomoderator, KuroHeisetsu, iRicebunny, DerangedCoffee, Outlawbyname, Trexman and WeekendMovie. 
  • Moderators can turn their stripes off, so be sure to follow the rules in case one is hiding. 
  • There are special "secret" races that can be found online with SE!
  • All multiplayer sanctuaries can be glitched out of.
  • There is a total of 10 levels (20 levels in the DX version) you can reach, starting from level 1 when you make a new account for multiplayer. (or play as a guest)
  • Ducking is critical to your lead of winning
  • Reaching some levels can unlock you a hat. It is believed to be levels 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, but its believed you can unlock some at a lower level. Also believed leveling up unlocks new skins.
  • Some special hats unlocked in singleplayer can be used in multiplayer. in single player your a guest if you make a password you be a player . sometimes you have many other hats to wear but theres more to see . a Samurai Hat looks cool but you have'nt seen it yeah anyway
  • a Gold crown is really cool but its only works on se anway
  • a Silver crown is great and cool but you really know that
  • a Bronze crown is good but nobody who really want that crown
  • There over 5000 hats to wear like any hat you want but some have colors anyway
  • Be carefull if you spam its not good anyway
  • Dino run DX also haves mulitplayer also SE

Tips and WarningsEdit

  • Be sure to carefully read the rules list before starting Multi-player. 
  • Try not to offend Moderators.
  • Be wary of hackers, players who cheat and hack to try to annoy and beat you.
  • Do not download Dino Run SE! It is considered stealing.(If you tell someone where you download,Moderators will get mad,and ask you q uestions).

Points Table Edit

Levels Points Unlocked Hats Unlocked Races
1 0 - -
2 20
3 75
4 200
5 400
6 750
7 1000
8 1500
9 2000
10 3000
11 4500
12 6000
13 8000
14 10000
15 13000
16 17000