Paradise is a tropical island with fish swimming in a pond and in the sea. It is considered a secret survival area. In
Secret surival

The entrance to Paradise

the concept art, Pixeljam had planned to put a desert in Dino Run. However, the idea did not make the final game and it was recycled as Paradise. To get to Paradise, enter the lower part of the volcano and go to the right. You will arrive at a dead end. If you break through it, you can go to secret survival. However, to continue going to Paradise, jump on a platform to the right and then jump on a platform in the middle of the cave. Then jump to a ledge and break through the side of the room. You will arrive in a room that has a beam of light and three strange floating creatures that look like cats and are perhaps deities. Jump into the light and you will arrive at Paradise.


Dino Run—Doom in Paradise

Dino Run—Doom in Paradise