A lot of 'Ptyros'

, colloquially known as dactyls or pteros, were a group of flying reptiles which lived along with the dinosaurs during the mesozoic age. Pterosaurs ranged in many sizes, from the relatively small anurognathus to the gargantuan Quetzalcoatlus. Pterosaurs ate primarily fish and insects. They became extinct 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs.

Behavior Edit

The Pterodactyls will always be flying above ground, usually much faster than the player. Some dactyls pick you up and carry you. When dactyls starting to pant while picking you up, it will drop you rather quickly. There's a lot of them in Ptero Storm

When the Strength Boost is activated, you cannot kill Dactyls, unlike other dinos.

Burning Dactyls Edit

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Dactyl vs diplodocus head

Flaming or Red Dactyl

Some Pterodactyls will knock you back because they are burning. The burning dactyls have their own speedrun, Dactyl Dodge.

Pterodactyl carrying a boulder.

Special Levels Edit

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The Pterodactyls will always appear in every speedrun. A lot of dactyls appear when you ascending towards up to the hills.

Some Dactyls carry boulders that can be dropped.

You can avoid unwanted dactyl pickups by ducking in mid air. You can't be picked up when one pterodactyl is carrying a boulder. 

Dactyl ChainingEdit

Dactyl Chaining is required to get all golden Trophies.

  • Bronze: 2 x Dactyl chain
  • Silver: 3 x Dactyl chain
  • Gold: 4 x Dactyl chain

While it is possible to get a higher chain, it will not contribute to your Trophies. It will, however, give you a score boost.

The best speedrun to do this on is Ptero Storm.

Dactyl Eggs Edit

A Dactyl Egg is worth 10 normal Eggs. Dactyl eggs are slightly yellow and drop down from the dactyls. Like normal eggs, they will easily crack once they hit the ground. They are considerably harder to save. Right before a dactyl egg is dropped, the pterodactyl's eyes will widen to a comedic effect.