The player's raptor is a small, Speedy creature that is able to scale through many obstacles.

Colours Edit


Players in Multiplayer

The dino comes in many different colours, from robin's egg blue to pastel yellow. The eye colour also changes. To unlock a new colour, simply beat Challenge Mode or complete a speedrun. Your dinosaur will even turn albino at one point. Eventually, you will be able to toggle colours.You are also able to change color once you get the bronze/silver/gold crown but you will get all the colors or just get all the colors from speedruns/challenges.


Hats are customizations to your Dino. If you get the bronze/silver/gold crown, in the main screen you will have buttons under your Dino.


The Raptor From Dino Run 2

Gold crown: complete all speedruns on Insane! mode.

Silver crown: complete all speedruns on hard mode.

Bronze crown: complete all speedruns in medium mode.

You can also aquire other different hats doing other things, like completing Planet D on Insane! will give you a Queen alien hat.


As you earn DNA, you will be able to upgrade your attributes. The four categories are:

  1. Speed- The top speed of your dino.
  2. Acceleration - How fast your dino can reach top speed.
  3. Jump- How high your dino will jump. It is the second most important stat.
  4. Strength- How easily your dino will push rocks. Also improves performance when running uphill.


The species of the dinosaur is not clarified, however, some possible guesses are:

Given that several species separated by millions of years appear together in the game and that no dinosaur species are currently known to have worn hats, it should not be taken too seriously.

On XGen Studios and Wikipedia it states that the dinosaur is a Velociraptor.