The Rinch Egg is a Super Egg in the Dino Run game. It is colored purple and adorned with light purple designs.

Rinch Egg
Location: Inside the Egg Tunnel

(Level 3)

  • 75 DNA
  • 7500 player Score

It is found in level three of the challenge run and Rainin' LizardsPlanet D and in the Nightfall speed run, where a Triceratops is wandering around in the cave that the double entrance tunnel leads to. The player will earn 75 DNA for this Egg. This egg is very hard to get, so it is recommended you have maximum jump , get the jump powerup up that is near the cave, and jump on the triceratops and then, jump from the triceratops to the egg. Alternatively, you can ignore the triceratops, and manipulate the (broken) game physics to retrieve the egg. If you charge the pile of boulders from the left and use the curve of the large, darker gray boulder, you can jump at the apex of the curve and it will launch you high and to the right. If you hold left at this time you can land on the platform. This can be done with only four jump slots and without the jump bonus, so it is actually easier than the triceratops method. However, it also requires strict timing and extreme luck, and often multiple tries are neccessary; this leads to problems, since the Wall of Doom is often close behind in both stages.

The Rinch Egg is probably named for the oviraptorid Rinchenia.

Rinch egg

Located on top of a platform underground