Stegosaurus Pic
Type: Large dino
Mobile? Yes
Edible? No
Special level: Stego Stampede

The Stegosaurus is a large dinosaur in Dino Run. They are brown, quadruped dinosaurs with a row of plates on their back and tail.


Stegosauruses will always move right once it appeared in the screen. They are able to climb steep hills, but not the steepest which the player are able to. Whenever an obstacle blocks their path or they aren't able to climb a steep hill, they would switch direction and keep moving. They occasionally produce grunting noises whenever the player landed on their back similar to the Triceratops.

Like the Triceratops, they can only survive or break small meteors that hit them, so anything larger than that would get themselves killed. They also can be killed by the player with the strength boost power.they are killed by large meteors also.

Stego StampedeEdit

Main article: Stego Stampede.

The Stegosaurus has its own special level called Stego Stampede. In this level, Stegosauruses spawn very frequently which can be very obstructive to the player.


  • The Stegosaurus in real life had tail spikes, which the Stegosaurus in Dino Run doesn't.
  • A Stegosaurus can be found drinking water on a lake in some levels.
  • There are several skeletons of the Stegosaurus in many places such as in caves and volcanoes.
  • the Stegosaurus in this game originaly came from planet d.
  • You can't kill the Stegosaurus in the lake and trapped Stegosaurus in the tar pit, even if the player has a strength power-up, just like Ankylosaurus.